Urine collection tube

Volume: 4 ml
Additive: Without
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  • For the transport and storage of urine
  • Round bottom
  • Sterile
  • Paper label
  • Easy to use
  • Unbreakable
  • Superior safety to glass


  • Urine collection tubes without additives are used for the transport, storage and analysis of urine samples.
  • Collection tubes containing an additive are used for bacteriological analysis and urinary cytology.


Reference Volume Dimensions Additive Cap / Ring Color
001001 4 ml 13x75 mm Without
Orange / black
001002 6 ml 13x100 mm Without Orange / black
001003 9 ml 16x100 mm Without Orange / black
001004 9 ml 16x100 mm Boric acid
Orange / black
001005 9 ml 16x100 mm Chlorhexidine Orange / black

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