Why choose Mastermed?

Mastermed is a company specializing in the distribution of medical products, including protective, textile and laboratory products. All of our products are certified according to European standards and ready for dispatch as soon as possible.
Our mission is to provide the best possible customer experience in the medical products industry. Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers and for this we market the best quality products on the market. Mastermed is one of the medical products distribution companies which is experiencing one of the most important growth in France.

All together to defeat the virus

Because we must be cautious about the virus, to protect ourselves and others, it is important to respect the health measures in force.
Our ambition is to best help Hospitals, Laboratories and other medical establishments to face the current health crisis by providing them with quality products.
Our initiative does not stop there because our ambition is to make a donation to French public hospitals for every order we receive.